Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 3.33.59 PMThe craft beer world is no stranger to unique flavors and ingredients and the constant push to be creative keeps all of us on our toes. While many beers—especially summer brews—boast additions of fruits in their brewing process, few have ventured towards vegetables. In Ipswich, Australia, the 4Hearts Brewing Company has taken that hurdle with their newest, carrot beer: Wabbit Season.

The wort at the base of this beer is 12 percent carrot juice, which gives the brew its bright orange hue and carroty flavor. The brewery partnered with a local farmer named Richard Gorman, who contributed all the carrots for Wabbit Season. It’s currently only available in Australia at 4Hearts Brewery and participating bars. With more people turning to fresh vegetables and the green juice movement, it’s no surprise that some of it has spilled over into craft brewing. Now we can have our veggies and drink ‘em, too!