Since the beginning of time, humans have been taking things that are individually awesome on their own, combining them, and making things that are even more awesome. For example:

Lion + Tiger = Liger, of Napoleon Dynamite fame

Beyonce + Jay-Z = Blue Ivy Carter (for real, did you see that adorable child at the MTV VMAs?)

Chocolate chip cookie dough + Oreo = Heaven in your mouth

See what we mean? Well, someone has gone and done it again, but this time, they’ve taken two classic spirits and turned them into a alcoholic juggernaut. Friends, please meet Vodquila.

Voquila is exactly what you think it is – a combo of vodka and tequila. There’s a good chance you had a bad experience with one of those liquors in college, but don’t let that stop you from trying this new spirit. Vodka and tequila have had a true renaissance with the birth of craft distilleries and Vodquila is no exception; it recently won a silver medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition.

Created by business owner Chander Arora and his daughter Nina Arora (who fleshed out the idea for a college project), Vodquila is a special blend of Ultra Premium vodka and imported Super Premium tequila. The vodka used is made from multiple grains and distilled six times, while the tequila is made from pure blue agave plants and distilled in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Vodquila takes these two liquors and combines them together in small vats at high temperatures to make the perfect blend. After that, it goes through additional filtering before it’s finally ready for you to enjoy.

Ewan Lacey, General Manager of the International Wine and Spirit Competition, talked to UK-based publication, The Telegraph, about how Vodquila may change their competition’s categories in the future. “This is a whole new world of innovation in the spirits industry,” said Lacey. “It’s outstanding that something initially created for a college project can make such an impact on the spirits market by creating a new category of its own.”

We can see how a combination like this could go totally wrong, but from the sound of things, Vodquila got it totally right. It will be fun to see if it pops up in bars around the country because it could really make an establishment’s cocktail menu a little more interesting.