vodka vending machine

To whoever installed a vodka vending machine in the town center of Melitopol, Ukraine we have one thing to say to you: You’re a genius.


The Ukraine police were in an uproar this past month after finding out that there was vodka being sold out of a vending machine in one of their major city centers. The masterminds behind the operation converted a coffee dispenser into a vodka vending machine secretly and very illegally. The machine deposited $1 shots and you could even pay extra for fruit juice mixers. So if you needed a little pick me up on the way to work, you could enjoy a stiff vodka cranberry disguised as your morning cup of coffee.


The “wonder machine,” as it’s called on the streets, has been shut down by authorities but culprits have been caught. They’re not sure how long the machine had been selling vodka illegally or if this is only one of many machines doing the same. More vending machines selling shots? What a shame… not. Among the many other (ridiculous) concerns surrounding the machines, the Ukrainian police are worried that this could be an underground operation and that more machines have been compromised. Clearly, they have some time on their hands.


We know it’s illegal and would never fly in the U.S. because of open container laws but we tip our hats off to the tricksters. Why shouldn’t you be able to get your vodka fix while you’re exploring the city center or walking your morning commute? We can’t say we wouldn’t make use of them.