Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 1.16.04 PMFor all of our readers, both ladies and gents alike, we know Channing Tatum has made you swoon at one time or another. Magic Mike might’ve been a flop of a movie (yet impossible to not watch), but we have higher hopes for his new vodka.

That’s right, Tatum is now a co-creater of Born and Bred Vodka produced by Grand Teton Distillery. Because once you’ve hit the peak of your fame from Step Up and 21 Jump Street, the logical next move is to start creating alcohol.

This 80-proof beverage made from Idaho potatoes celebrates what unfolds when camaraderie meets adventure. “This aspect of the brand will be brought to life in a series of original content that is created, curated, and promoted by Channing Tatum,” stated the distillery’s website.

With fun details such as “Cross my heart and hope for mischief” written on the inside of the label only visible when you’ve drank half the bottle, we have a feeling Tatum is going to be as creative as possible with this campaign. And Channing, if you’re reading this, we will gladly get into an mischief with you any day…

You can buy a 750 mL bottle of it from the Liquor Store of Jackson Hole for $26.99.