giphyAdam Teeter and Joshua Malin were two typical lads trying to make it in the real world of New York City back in the late 2000s.  They worked hard, played harder, and drank wine whenever they had the time– sounds like our type of people. Suddenly, the college roommates of Emory University Class of 2005 had a realization that would soon change their career paths, passion, and the way in which they spoke about wine. Millennials, including themselves, are intimidated by wine. The duo are now Co-Founders of VinePair, an online magazine, that aims to speak to millennials about wine in a modern way. 

Teeter (32) and Malin (31) believe that millennials drink and think about wine differently than other generations– not the first time folks have said millennials think differently. Truth is, the difference is only natural. After all, this is the generation that has grown up in the technology takeover and with social connectivity that has changed the structure of society as a whole.

While the idea of making wine lingo simpler and wine in general more approachable came to Teeter and Malin when they started to go out to dinner more in the city, the two traveled a long road to end up in the place they are today. Back in 2007, it was Teeter’s girlfriend, and now wife, that suggested their greater group of friends begin a monthly wine club in which each member would bring a different bottle originating from a particular grape, region or country. The group was able to explore wines that they wouldn’t normally have and at the end of the night they each casted a vote for their favorite pick.

After dabbling in combined musician and winemaker concerts for some time, the duo created VinePair in 2014. The magazine boomed in its first year and as of January 2015 both Teeter and Malin have been able to officially commit themselves to the business full time. The online magazine covers all the basics of wine in section, “Wine 101” as well as more comical segments like, “Wine Porn,” “Apps/Quizzes”, “Articles” and more.

If Teeter and Malin can say it, we can say it too. Lets stop talking about wine like its a secret and start to buy wine with a decent dose of millennial pride.