No matter what, the vodka world is always making noise. New flavors, debut brands, and old names with new tricks; no matter what something is always going on. Here’s the latest vodka news:


Looks like someone’s been stroking Absolut’s ego. The Swedish vodka brand is dropping all extra labels from their logo and simply going with Absolut. The words “vodka” and “country of Sweden” will no longer appear on the iconic bottles. The people over at Absolut say that they don’t need anything but their name and by removing the extra wordage, they’ll be able to focus more on the brand’s identity. All bottles of the vodka will now feature the new logo – keep your eyes out for them.


Flavored vodka fatigue doesn’t seem to stop big names from coming up with new fruity releases. Svedka is the latest to add to their collection with the release of two new flavors: Mango Pineapple and Strawberry Lemonade. Beginning next month, both flavors will be on shelves for $12.99 a bottle. They join the family of flavors from Svedka that also includes Orange Cream Pop, Clementine and Colada amongst others.


Svedka isn’t the only aboard the flavor train. In 2008, SKYY extended their brand collection with their flavored line SKYY Infusions and have been coming up with interesting flavors ever since. The latest to debut: Vanilla Bean and Georgia Peach. Both flavors arrived on shelves this month at $19 a bottle and are the 12th and 13th entries in SKYY’s flavor lineup. Though we’re not always keen on vodka flavors, these have us (slightly) intrigued.


Have you tried any of these new flavors or seen a new Absolut bottle? Let us know what you thought.