Us in a Nutshell…a Boozy Little Nutshell

Our Stories October 22, 2009 6 Comments.

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topWe think we can be pretty predictable when it comes to drinking. As we “mature” we’d like to think we’ve learned a little bit about ourselves. So we took a little poll around here and discovered that we seem to stick to certain drinks at certain times, developing little drinking rules. We’ve come to refer to these rules as “Boozy Blueprints.” And now we live by them.

Here are some of our basics:

–       If it’s a cocktail before dinner, it’s gonna be scotch.

–       If it’s a burger (or anything without utensils for that matter), we’re drinking beer.

–       If it’s a steak, it’s red wine.

–       If we’re at a wedding, it’s vodka sodas all night long.

–       If it’s a summer BBQ, it’ll be an IPA.

–       And all other times in between (more often than not), you better believe it’s good ol’ American whiskey or a PBR tall boy.

Call them drinking ticks, musts or have-tos—it’s just how we do business. Are we the only ones with this sort of system? We doubt it.

So, maybe you’re a mixer, maybe you’re red wine all the time or maybe you’re a Bud heavy loyalist. Indulge us—What’s your Boozy Blueprint?

6 thoughts on “Us in a Nutshell…a Boozy Little Nutshell

  1. Warren Bobrow

    Bourbon is the past and the present. A glass of Branchwater when used properly can last through many a bourbon soaked escapade. I don’t like to think about how I got home some nights as a teen many, many years ago. Good thing it was all farmland back then. Not too many cars either.
    You have a fantastic site. really like adding my thoughts to your Twitter site too. Cheers! wb

  2. admin Post author

    Yes, Warren…you’re an avid Bourbon drinker and a unique mixologist! Enjoy the Wild River Review, as well. Cheers! – DIA

  3. Ken Moorhead

    If I’m feeling a bit rough, it’s vodka, chilled and up.

    Relaxing and letting the conversation flow with good friends, a Manhattan or few bottles of wine.

    Joking with friends and catching up for a few hours: stout or porter

    Partying and looking to get wild: tequila drinks.

    Partying and have someplace better to be: stout or porter

    My seasonal go-tos:
    Winter: Potato vodka (Chopin) freezer-cold, up, twist of lemon. Alternative: Irish whiskey.
    Spring: Beer, lighter bourbon cocktails, new experimental cocktails. Alternative: Acidic white wine
    Summer: rum and citrus, mojitos especially
    Fall: Heavier bourbon/rye cocktails, scotch, brandy cocktails. Alternative: Daiquiri made with a fine aged rum or tequila cocktails

  4. DIA Post author

    We love love love it, Ken. Boozy Blueprints, ya can’t beat ’em. Love the “alternatives” too – always gotta have a back up. Can’t say we’re drinking Chopin right now but since it’s Winter, we know you are – Has this been a winter go-to drink for a while now?

    Appreciate you sharing. Cheers, man!

  5. Ken Moorhead

    Well, I’m only 23 so “a while” for me doesn’t go past two years (ahem…) But last winter and this year, yes, it’s been one I make sure to have on hand. I ran out of Chopin recently and have been drinking Reyka. It’s a fantastic grain vodka, but only having grain when you want potato is like only having Albriño when you want Tempranillo.

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