bramble-h_largeIt takes some time to cultivate your personal taste in alcohol. It requires patience, wise decision making, and a lot, a LOT, of experimentation (AKA- branching out at a bar and ordering a fancy cocktail that tastes, well, like sh*t). But once you do, it becomes that much easier to find the drink that speaks to you. Your signature cocktail.

However, if you’re looking to mixx things up but don’t want to stray to far away from your fav, here are some cocktails from Elite Daily that say “if you like that, then try this.” They incorporate the best aspects of your drink while also adding something different. This is your time to try something new… but not too new.

If you like Margaritas, try a Pineapple Chi Chi.
Margs. A classic for a reason. A Pineapple Chi Chi is just a level up. The great thing about this drink is that it still has a nice dose of lime juice, just mixed with equal parts pineapple juice and gluten-free Smirnoff Sourced Pineapple Vodka. Simply add mint and top it off with a slice of fresh pineapple, and you’ll soon forget about that margarita all together.

If you like Gin and Tonics, try a Bramble.
Gin and blackberries. They are all combined to perfection in a drink called the Bramble. It’s made with gin, crème de mûre (a blackberry liqueur), lemon juice, sugar and fresh blackberries. Yum.

If you like Vodka Sodas, try a Ruby Red Grapefruit Soda.
Replace standard vodka with Smirnoff Sourced Ruby Red Grapefruit and pour in a grapefruit-flavored seltzer water.r Add some fresh lemon juice and you’ll have a gluten-free drink that is guaranteed to hit the spot.

If you like Whiskey Gingers, try this twist on the classic.
Whiskey Gingers are great and all, but it’s time for a little upgrade. How about a whiskey and ginger beer? Start with dark rum and mix in ginger beer and lime juice in a tall glass, sir and enjoy.

Image: Bramble Cocktail