645739294d5c6068800fa212789caeacDid you know that there are other ways of becoming intoxicated besides ripping several shots at once? One method that we find fascinating is the practice of vaporizing liquor. Rarely will you find a bar with this boozy offering, but if you’re lucky, all you’ll have to do is take a deep breath, open your eyes, and absorb the alcohol. After that, you’re golden.

This idea seems outlandish, but some have actually dabbled with how to make the technique thrive in a bar environment. One culinary events group—Bompas & Parr—that is well known for their eccentric projects (i.e. fruit flavored fireworks) has created an installation in London titled “Alcoholic Architecture.” Opening to the public July 31st, Alcoholic Architecture is set inside London’s Borough Market and features a breathable cocktail cloud. Made entirely from premium spirits and a mixer at a 1:3 ratio, the project uses humidifiers to saturate the air with the boozy concoction. All one has to do is breath normally to get tipsy, but the cloud will also enter the bloodstream through one’s eyeballs.

Sounds a little funky, right? Well it’s perfectly safe; Bompas & Parr worked closely with respiratory scientists to make sure the mist was safe to inhale. Also, visitors in the “cloud” take in 40% less alcohol than normal consumption but still feel the same effects, as the alcohol never enters the liver. Sounds pretty good to us.

Still, the installation offers more than just the breathable beverage. The market sits next to the UK’s oldest gothic cathedral and is on the site of an ancient monastery, so all of the beers and spirits on tap were created or inspired by monks. Guests 18 and older can booze in the mist-filled environment for up to an hour and tickets are available for a mere $20. Get yours soon; the installation will only be available to visit through early next year.