Today we bring you an app that hands out free cocktails. Well… if you’re a female in the UK willing to share your location on Facebook it gives you a free cocktail. It’s called Drinki and was invented to attract more men to visit UK bars by guaranteeing that women will be there.

It’s a little sexist and a lot creepy, but a free drink is a free drink, right? The idea is that if a woman posts that she is at a certain bar on social media, men will see it and decide to go to that same bar. Depending on who the girl is, it would probably make us less likely to go, but Drinki hasn’t thought that far ahead.

Guys, don’t feel left out. You can also sell your soul for free drinks soon enough. There are plans to release the male equivalent, “Drinko”, which promises free beer. You know, because men only drink beer and women only drink frilly cocktails. They don’t expect Drinko to be as successful when it comes to drawing people in via social media, but they can definitely count on more penny-pinching dudes paying them a visit.