Fictional characters we watch on television can sometimes end up becoming our BFFs because of the amount of time we spend with them on a weekly basis. After letting someone in to your home for a number of years, the line can blur between reality and TV world and you may end up wishing you could have a few drinks with certain fictional people. It’s okay, we understand. Here are a few TV pals we wish we could drink with:
Roger Sterling
Everyone always says they would love to throw back some whiskey with Mad Men’s Don Draper, but we think the real party lies with hilarious silver-haired, Roger Sterling. Roger isn’t as moody as Don and would keep us laughing all night long. He’d probably ditch us at the end of the night to leave with some hot blonde, but that’s fine because it eliminates any awkward goodbye hugs.

Samantha Jones
All of the girls from Sex and the City know how to drink, but Samantha is the only one who would actually be fun. Carrie would be studying your every move for her column, Charlotte would be looking for a husband and Miranda would be miserable. But Samantha? She’s out for a good time and a stiff drink.

Walter White
Did you see the episode of Breaking Bad where our pal Walter was knocking back shot after shot in his back yard? He may look mild mannered on the outside, but he can DRINK. We would love to take him out one night just to see what he’s really made of.