Coffee Alcohol

A team of researchers at a university in Portugal have discovered a way to turn used coffee grounds into alcohol. Isn’t science cool?


According to Science Magazine the used coffee grounds are heated in water at a temperature of 325 degrees Farenheit for 45 minutes, before the water is strained, mixed with sugar and yeast, and finally fermented. The booze is then concentrated to allow for higher alcohol content. At 40% ABV, it is similar in strength to tequila and vodka. Taste testers have reported that the drink smells like coffee, and despite being bitter, is still “good enough for consumption.” They’re also predicting that the drink will get better with age.


While you’ll definitely feel the buzz of alcohol, the 80 proof booze won’t give you a caffeine kick because most of the caffeine is lost during the distillation process. Unfortunately you won’t be able to get your hands on it right now, since it is still in the experimental stage. Looks like we won’t be retiring our Irish Coffee quite yet.