The whole concept of trick or treating is awesome, so it’s a shame that when you reach a certain age, going door-to-door asking for candy doesn’t really work anymore. There are ways to get around this silly rule, though.

If you have kids, or at least know kids you can borrow for the evening, this is your golden ticket to trick or treating. A group of dads in Downers Grove, IL have actually applied this to booze, so obviously we’re trying it tonight. This is how one dad, Tony Cesare, describes the rules:

The kids go door-to-door trick-or-treating and the dads pull wagons filled with all the costume accessories their kids are sick of carrying. A portion of each wagon is reserved for babies who are still too young for trick-or-treating, and whatever space is left over holds a 12-pack of Miller Light or some seasonally appropriate brew. One wagon in the caravan is reserved for the empties, and sharing your suds with other dads is encouraged.

Cesare does say they drink responsibly and it’s more about the bonding aspect than the drinking aspect, but it’s still an amazing idea. Bonus: your kids collect all the candy while you drink. Once they’re done filling their giant bag, snagging Snickers, Milkway, and any other goodies you can find is not frowned upon.

If you can’t find any kids to latch on to for trick or treating, you can still make your own fun at home. Create your own drinking game based on what kind of costumed kids you think will show up at your door. For example, take two drinks for every Harry Potter, 1 drink for every princess and 3 drinks for every pirate. If you get too drunk to answer the door anymore, just shut the lights off, take a nap, and leave some candy at the door. It’s pretty much a win-win situation.

Being a grown-up doesn’t mean Halloween can’t be fun anymore – you just have to be a little bit creative. Do you have any sweet Halloween drinking games? Let us know so we can try them.