giphyWho doesn’t love tequila? In a shot, a margarita, or any other tropical cocktail – your plans will never go awry when drinking the agave-based booze. As tequila becomes one of the fastest growing spirits in the world, one of the top tequila producers (aka Patrón) is making an effort to educate the public about the liquor. With Patrón’s digital “Know Your NOM” tool, not only can you trace any tequila back to its specific producer in Mexico, but also discover more information about those distilleries.

Most of you are probably wondering what a “NOM” even is. Standing for Norma Oficial Mexicana, a NOM is a special 4-digit code that’s assigned by the Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT) to every tequila produced and bottled in Mexico. In order to keep track of production, the Mexican government requires a NOM number to be indicated on each and every bottle of the booze in order to trace it back to its specific authorized maker. Ever notice how “1492” is included on all Patrón bottle labels? That’s because 1492 is the NOM number correlating to Hacienda Patrón distillery, where Patrón is born.

Featuring an interactive map of the tequila regions in Mexico, the Know Your NOM tool allows users (on tablet, mobile, or desktop) to move across the landscape, view all of Mexico’s 140 licensed tequila distilleries, as well as search for specific tequila brands. A simple click on a distillery’s NOM number will let users learn more information about the respective tequila producer.

With tequila’s rapid growth in the liquor industry, Patrón wants to assist people in searching the CRT database to discover the origins of all tequila brands. As such, the CRT database is constantly updated with more information, providing an overall optimal (and accurate) educational experience.

So what about you – do you know your NOM?