‘Tis the season for green beer and Guinness! With parades, parties, and general revelry, St. Patrick’s day has become one of the biggest drinking holidays in the United States. 

What started as a religious holiday for Irish Catholic immigrants in the U.S., eventually became a way for that community to make a place for themselves in their new home. American parades soon developed their own unique traditions (think green Guinness, or corn beef and cabbage) that were only loosely tied to the original holiday. Wondering what’s going on this year? Here are some of the biggest and best St. Patrick’s day celebrations happening across the country.





New York

The Big Apple is home to the oldest St. Patrick’s day parade in the U.S., the major event of the day, but in classic New York fashion, there is so much more to do around the city. We’re talking pub crawls, cruises, stand up comedy, and green-colored everything from bagels to the Empire State Building.





If you want to see the biggest St. Patrick’s day parade in the country, head to Chicago! For decades, the celebration has also included the iconic dying of the Chicago river, making the downtown radiate green from Lake Michigan through Chinatown. The recipe for the dye has famously been a closely guarded secret, so you’ll only get to see that color in Chicago in March. 





Head down to the St. Patrick’s Day Capital of the South for a massive party in an unlikely city. Savannah, Georgia’s population triples every March, to become the second largest St. Patrick’s day celebration in the world, behind only New York City. Through the early days of the U.S., large groups of Irish immigrants ended up settling in Savannah, making it the perfect location for St. Patrick’s day festivities. Trust us, it’s definitely worth the trip. 




New Orleans


This city knows how to do a parade. On the back end of the world-famous Mardi Gras, New Orleans still comes through with one of the most fun St. Patrick’s day celebrations you’ll find. Yeah there’s parades and block parties, but our favorite tradition is the annual Irish Channel Parade, where participants throw Irish stew ingredients (think cabbage or potatoes) into the crowd. Watch your head, and have a blast!




Want to see a parade that’s older than the United States? Head to Philly for St. Patrick’s day! After the parade, you should hit some of the best Irish Pubs in the country (Fado, Fergie’s, and Black Sheep are some local favorites).





We couldn’t leave our hometown off this list of great places to celebrate St. Patrick’s day! So, as an honorable mention, Beantown makes the cut. A parade, check, Celtic punk rock, check, drinking, check. What more could you ask for? 

St. Patrick’s day is a fun holiday no matter where you are in the country. Can’t make it to any of these spots this year? Let us know where you’re celebrating and what traditions you’ll be participating in. Oh, and don’t forget to wear green!