Two things that scream America: Drinking and Football. With football season comes tailgate season, the perfect opportunity to throw a couple back while you wait for kickoff. Sure, the on-field product is exciting, but this is what we’re really interested in.


A couple years ago, someone more studious than us put together a survey to ask NFL fans about their drinking habits, and some of the results might surprise you! It’s anyone’s guess which team will come out on top this season, but these fans are always sure to have a good time. Here are the Top five NFL Teams based on the average number of alcoholic drinks consumed by fans.


Which NFL Fans Drink the Most?


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After a recent Super Bowl in 2021 but a shaky post-Brady era, Bucs fans rolled into the top 5 of drinkers in the league. The survey also logged them as number 3 for the fans who are most likely to come to work hungover the next day. At least they live close to the beach?



Cleveland Browns

Despite making the playoffs this season, for years, the Browns have been a frontrunner for the worst franchise in the NFL. With an ongoing search for a franchise quarterback, and zero Super Bowl appearances in team history, is it a surprise that their fans cracked this list?



Las Vegas Raiders

The newly relocated Raiders had to be a lock for this list. With the Vegas Strip as a backdrop to their new $2 billion stadium, and their fans being notoriously rowdy, it makes complete sense that the Raiders find themselves on the booziest fans list. 



Buffalo Bills

When you think of fans who like to party, the Bills Mafia comes to mind immediately. You might also find them on a top 5 list of ‘most likely to body slam a folding table.’ That reputation, coupled with the fact that they’ve been one of the best teams in the league over the last few seasons, is the perfect storm for a fanbase pouring up before, during, and after the game.


Denver Broncos 

Does number one on this list surprise you? The Broncos haven’t had much to cheer for since winning the Super Bowl nearly a decade ago. The result? Broncos fans responded to the survey saying they’re likely more eager to drink after a loss. Cheers, to a better outcome next season.



Any teams on this list surprise you? Let us know what you think, and who might crack the top 5 next season in the comments section.