picstitchOf course we enjoy having a delicious drink, but we can’t deny that there are extra tools and accessories to make drinking more fun. Everything from a wearable flask to rocks that chill you’re wine, we’re amazed. And we can’t help but wonder: “Why didn’t we think of that?”


Current favorites:


The Flask Tie

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like: a tie with a hidden flask. The genius accessory comes with a 6 oz pouch that hides behind your tie and a straw to make your covert drinking easy. We don’t approve of boozing on the job, but we think this would be perfect for a dull party or family function. It’s probably the cheesiest thing we’ve ever heard of and guaranteed to make you look ridiculous but we have to admit it’s amusing.



We know “rocks” as an alternative to ice is not a new thing, but these are extra cool. The new brand lets you chill your favorite beverages without watering them down with ice, just like all of the other whiskey rocks out there. What makes Rox different is that it comes in whiskey, beer and wine versions catered to the specific drinks. So no matter what you’re sipping, it can always be cold.


Sauced Wine Glass

“I enjoy cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food.” You said it Julia, and we’re not arguing. That’s why we love the Sauced Wine Glass. The innovative measuring cup lets you cook with wine, while still enjoying some for yourself. The “For the Pan” side measures in cups for cooking, while the “For the Chef” side displays amounts in sips.


Disposable Flask

Naturally we love flasks but sometimes they’re annoying. It’s nice to have your own supply of alcohol to access wherever you are but lugging around an empty metal container when you’re done isn’t ideal. That’s why we were pumped to find The Original Disposable Flask: a soft collapsible bottle that lets you carry around your alcohol comfortably and toss it when you’re done. Tailgating, anyone?


IPA Beer Glass

We appreciate good beer, and anything that can help bring out the flavor, we like. We aren’t the only ones that feel this way, which is why Spiegelau teamed up with Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head to make the perfect IPA glass. The thin glassware keeps your beer cold and the smell pungent. This is the best thing to happen for IPA in a while, and we couldn’t be happier about it.


Do you have any cool drinking tools to add to the list?