If you’re at a cookout and have to keep the party going or want to break the ice, a good old drinking game never hurts. Here’s a list of our top 5 outdoor drinking games:



Beersbee or Bottle Bash

This game requires a little bit of preparation and typically comes in a kit to play. You grab a frisbee and stick the poles into the ground about 30 feet apart. Next, put an empty can or bottle up on top of the pole and take turns throwing the frisbee at the opposing side’s pole. If you hit the pole, the opponent takes a drink. If you hit the bottle on top of the pole, the opponent takes multiple drinks. The fun of this game is that it actually forces you to be slightly sporty (so you can feel better about your day drinking). 



Beware: This game involves throwing around a hammer and nails (something every intoxicated person should definitely be doing). A backwoods classic, stump starts with finding a literal tree stump, a hammer, and some nails. To begin, put a single nail in the center of the stump and an additional nail for each player around the outer edge. Each player then takes turns flipping and catching the hammer. From there, here’s the breakdown of outcomes:


  • If caught successfully, the player gets to take a shot at one of the other nails 
  • If your nail gets hit, you have to take a drink
  • If your nail goes all the way into the stump, you have to finish your drink
  • If someone hits the middle nail on accident, everyone takes a drink
  • If you drop the hammer on your flip or whiff when hitting the nail (embarrassing), you take a drink. 


Be smart with this one, don’t hurt yourself. 



Beer Die

Beer die has become one of the most popular games at college darties (day parties, keep up) across the US, and for good reason; it’s incredibly fun. To start, you need four players, four cups, a die, and a large rectangular table (or at least a rectangular piece of wood). You draw a line down the middle of the table (hamburger style), and each player puts their cup on a corner. There are two teams of two, and each person takes turns tossing a die into the air (about 10 feet) and trying to get it to land on the other side of the table. If the die lands on the opponents’ side of the table and bounces onto the ground, you get a point. Meanwhile, the other team tries to catch the die before it hits the ground to prevent you from scoring. If your toss hits the opponent’s cup and then hits the ground, that’s 2 points. If you toss it into the cup, that’s 3 points and that person has to finish the drink. The first team to 11 wins the game and the opponents have to finish their drinks. 



Flip Cup

Flip cup is easy to set up, so it’s always a good option if you want to get a game going ASAP. All you need is a table and an even number of people on each team with cups. Each team goes on opposite sides of the table and sets their cup in front of them with a little bit of their drink in it (about the size of a shot or two). Then, the two people at the end of the table race to drink what is in their cup, place the empty cup on the edge of the table, and try to flip it upside down. Once the cup lands upside down, the next person goes, and so on until everyone on your team finishes. The first team to finish, wins! …and then you go again. That’s it! Simple, yet highly competitive.



Beer Pong

Beer pong is synonymous with drinking games for a reason. It’s easy to set up, easy to play, and has withstood the test of time. Set up 10 cups in the shape of a triangle at the ends of a table and fill them up with a little beer or whatever else you’re drinking. Two teams of two on each end of the table take turns throwing ping pong balls into the cups on the other side. If you land the ball in a cup, the opponents take it out and drink it (or take a sip of their drink on the side for a more sanitary option). Keep tossing until one side has run out of cups, and boom, you’ve got a winner! 


The only thing that’s better than drinking is playing games while drinking! Remember to always drink responsibly so you don’t make a fool of yourself when you finally catch the invite to the neighborhood block party. If you’re feeling creative, these games can be tweaked and changed to your liking! We’ve seen everything from slip n’ slides to roombas implemented to make drinking games more challenging. Enjoy being the cool person at the cookout who gets everyone going with a fun game – and remember where you learned it from! 


Have any favorites that we missed? Let us know in the comments!