Few things are as closely tied to American culture as beer. What started as the colonists bringing their brewing culture with them to North America has evolved into something entirely our own. Whether you’re tailgating before a game or scoping out a new microbrewery for a trivia night, here are some of the best places in the country to crack a cold one.


St. Louis, MO


St. Louis became one of the first great American beer cities with an influx of German and Irish immigrants as the country expanded west, and is still home to the largest American brewery, Anheuser-Busch. But aside from the Bud Light-fueled Goliath, the city’s Davids have thrived as well, creating a vibrant craft brewery scene. If you’re in town, swing by local favorites like Urban Chestnut or 4 Hands and let us know what you think.




Bend, OR


Boasting one of the best brewery-to-resident ratios in the country, Bend is quickly becoming a must-see spot for beer lovers. Despite its small town vibe, the hip breweries that call Bend home have risen to prominence around the Pacific Northwest. But are we surprised? Mountain views paired with tasty brews? What could be better! 


Milwaukee, WI


When a city’s sports team is named after their beer scene, it must be good. Home to big time brewers like Miller and Pabst, folks from Milwaukee will affectionately call it “Beertown,” “Brew City,” or even “the Beer Capital of the World.” It gets cold up there, so if you find yourself in Milwaukee over the winter months, snuggle up with a pint (or six) and the locals will respect you.





Asheville, NC


In recent years, the number of people we’ve overheard at bars claiming that Asheville is a beer-lover’s paradise has risen exponentially. And for good reason. With the highest breweries-per-capita of any U.S. city, dozens of local options can be found on tap around Asheville’s walkable downtown area. Bar crawl anyone? 



Boston, MA


Maybe the most passionate drinkers on this list, Boston is likely the oldest beer city in the nation, thanks to the fact that beer was safer for the Pilgrims to drink than water. Now home to the famous Boston Beer Company (among other newer brew houses), and the thirstiest beer drinkers (ask anyone from Boston and they’ll back us up on that), their business model is a recipe for success.


What city would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments section what we’re missing!