pub-salad_3349532kEveryone has a favorite bar—maybe it’s the hottest joint in town or maybe it’s a hole in the wall where you’re a regular. Either way, one of the most important things about a good bar (besides the drinks) is the atmosphere. Some bars and pubs know a thing or two about snagging the attention of potential customers. A sense of humor may not be a requirement at the bar, but maybe it should be.

Bar and pub signs are a popular way to feature a bar’s specials as well as their personality. Across the UK, humorous pub signs are popping up as proprietors seek to outdo one another in hilarity. Check out The Drinks Business’s list of ten chalkboard pub signs that are doing it right. Whether they’re taking a jab at the guy who left the bad Yelp review, featuring their chalk skills with portraits of favorite celebs, or displaying clever puns, these signs make it clear you’re in for a good time. Cheers to the creators of these chalk compositions!