The Beer Institute, a lobbying group, recently released a report about what else – beer drinking. Among various things covered in the report are the ten states that sell the most beer in the nation. The list of ten were determined by the highest consumption in gallons per capita, because obviously Texas is going to consume more gallons of beer than Rhode Island because it is freaking HUGE. This list puts it all into perspective according to a state’s population so everyone is on a (fairly) level playing field.

10. Delaware
• Per capita consumption: 34.3 gallons
• Total consumption: 22,592,366 gallons

9. Nebraska
• Per capita consumption: 34.6 gallons (tied with Texas)
• Total consumption: 44,711,021 gallons

8. Texas
• Per capita consumption: 34.6 gallons (tied with Nebraska)
• Total consumption: 604,956,568 gallons

7. Vermont
• Per capita consumption: 34.7 gallons
• Total consumption: 16,206,397 gallons

6. Wisconsin
• Per capita consumption: 36.2 gallons
• Total consumption: 149,651,260 gallons

5. Nevada
• Per capita consumption: 36.5 gallons
• Total consumption: 70,951,684 gallons

4. South Dakota
• Per capita consumption: 38 gallons
• Total consumption: 22,032,413 gallons

3. Montana
• Per capita consumption: 40.6 gallons
• Total consumption: 29,640,123 gallons

2. North Dakota
• Per capita consumption: 42.2 gallons
• Total consumption: 20,711,472 gallons

1. New Hampshire
• Per capita consumption: 43 gallons
• Total consumption: 41,994,894 gallons

New Hampshire seems kind of random, but we actually weren’t surprised to see it in the #1 spot. New Hampshire is a big destination for booze enthusiasts because it doesn’t have any sales tax. If you’re on a road trip and you’re going through New Hampshire, you stop to buy beer even if you don’t need it. If anyone knows you’re going to New Hampshire, they’ll ask you to buy alcohol for them. Also, if residents of Massachusetts, Vermont or Maine live within decent driving distance of the New Hampshire border, they’ll make their regular liquor runs in New Hampshire instead of their own state. So while we don’t doubt NH sells a crap ton of beer, the per capita consumption number may be skewed since a lot of that beer is being purchased by people who don’t even live in the state.