Gin and Tonic, Vodka Tonic, anything with tonic has been my go-to drink as of late. Can’t really articulate why, I suppose it’s just become habit. However, more recently, I’ve been trying to kick this habit and sub soda water for tonic. Why? Calories of course. (I’m a woman, what else would I care about?)


It’s a true case of ‘easier said than done’ though. Seeing as I prefer the taste of Tonic, it’s a hard habit to kick. So, I came up with a solution. Seems as though any spirit can be flavored the way a drinker likes, so I want tonic flavored gin. That’s right, tonic flavored gin. Then once that succeeds, the beverage greats can make tonic flavored vodka, and so on and so forth. Providing the tonic flavor without the calories.


And for those of you who think tonic water doesn’t have enough calories to make a difference, clearly you haven’t seen me drink. I get quite thirsty.


Drinkers of America, have I gone completely off the deep end or will you join me for a drink of tonic flavored gin?