Comet_Lovejoy_1-19-2015_Sean-FaworskiThe recent discovery of water on Mars and the release of The Martian starring Mat Damon, space is on everyone’s mind. But if water isn’t exciting enough for you or the thought of being abandoned in space is your worst nightmare, there’s a comet floating out there producing booze. Meet comet Lovejoy.

A group of scientists found that Lovejoy is releasing ethyl alcohol as it travels through space. Not just a little alcohol, either. Comet Lovejoy released as much ethyl alcohol as is in 500 bottles of wine at its peak, according to findings by scientists at the Paris Observatory. The comet is also releasing 21 different organic molecules, the first evidence that comets might carry complex organic molecules necessary to sustain life. In a press release, NASA said the Lovejoy comet is one of the brightest and most active since the Hale-Bopp in 1997. Clearly, this comet knows how to party.

We wouldn’t pay much for bottled Mars Water, but if someone could figure out how to bottle the alcohol coming off a comet–we’d be willing to give it a try!