So you’re on your way to a party, and you want to bring along some alcohol. Beer or wine is a little too weak and bringing a big bottle of liquor might seem too aggressive. What do you do? Why not bring some of your favorite cocktails that are already mixed, stirred, and muddled? All you need to do is bring your own straw.

Bottled cocktails might not have the best reputation, but after you read this, you’ll be searching for your own pre-mix of a Long Island or Margarita. If you like whiskey, Jack Daniel’s has perfected his ready-to-drink mixed beverages, which come in aluminum bottle four-packs. You have three different options: Whiskey and Ginger, Whiskey and Cola, or Whiskey and Diet Cola. At some bars, whiskey cokes can come out to be something like seventeen dollars, and it’s probably about 80% ice. However, these bottled cocktails are only $10! You can find them at select liquor stores all over the country, and you can almost always order one at an airport or at a sports game.

For those of you who aren’t the biggest fans of whiskey, there are many more cocktails that you can twist open. Crafthouse Cocktails has three delicious cocktails for the vodka, gin, and tequila lovers: a Moscow Mule, Southside, and Paloma. Their cocktails are perfectly balanced, and it is the closest you can get to having a craft cocktail specialist at your disposal.

With the help of The Handmade Cocktail Company, you can drink in your office just like Don Draper with their pre-made Old Fashioned. This company uses vintage spirits in their cocktails, making them even more desirable. Each bottle even has a stamp showing its year of manufacture. They also have a bottle of antique Negroni and a classic gin martini cocktail. These bottled drinks will leave you looking and feeling classy.

If you’re looking for a specific cocktail, Coppa Cocktails just might have it. They create their beverages that other brands don’t have such as Mai Tai, Sea Breeze, and Caiprinha. They also have more popular cocktails like a Sex On The Beach and a Mojito. The best part about Coppa Cocktails is that their bottles are shaped exactly like a martini shaker! But don’t be fooled, there’s no need to shake these perfectly balanced drinks.