If you’ve ever been to Northern California, you’ve definitely seen some gorgeous vineyards. Maybe you stayed a while and drank a glass of wine. We could even venture far enough to say that you loved it so much, you took home a bottle or two. Well, it turns out that not all vineyards resemble the rolling landscape of Napa Valley—some vineyards take it to the extreme. We tracked down a few exceptionally interesting vineyards that are sure to make it onto your “To Visit” list.

Beudon – Switzerland
While the Valais is known for its abundance of grapes, it isn’t exactly known for this specific vineyard. Beudon is situated high above the valley floor on a section of mountain. The location is so precarious that the vines are only accessible via cable car. Talk about extreme!

Les Amis de Farinet – Switzerland
Another vineyard found in the Valais. However, this winery has its own reason for making our list: it is the smallest of its kind in the world. It yields only about 1,000 bottles a year. But here’s the kicker: the bottle auction off and cumulatively help to raise around $35,000 for charity.

Siam Winery – Thailand
From a distance, this Thai vineyard doesn’t look like anything special. But, upon second glance, you can see that each row of vines is separated by a canal of water. In fact, the whole vineyard sits in water. This is done to keep grapes hydrated in the intense heat. Now that’s some good thinking!