We’re usually silly here on Drinking in America, but today we’re going to talk about something a little more serious. Corporate Social Responsibility. Most commonly known as a combination of corporate social initiatives including philanthropy, community volunteering, socially responsible business practices, etc., it’s crucial for a company to practice it. It pleases company stakeholders, influencers, their audience and just as importantly employees. But it usually ends up being a hit or a miss. Sometimes a HUGE miss i.e. the Volkswagen emissions scandal of 2015. Can you say, yikes?

However, there are a number of companies who practice CSR and do it right. And Fremont Mischief Distillery is an interesting addition to the list. Repping the alcohol industry, the Distillery has recently teamed with celebrity crabbers, Captains Sig Hansen, Casey McManus, and Josh Harris from Discovery’s Deadliest Catch in a campaign they’re calling, The Captain’s Whiskey Slam.


What’s this thing entail? Well let’s just say Mischief’s new rye whiskey, Storm Tossed Rye is quite literally storm tossed. Fremont Mischief boarded barrels of their new rye on these captains’ ships to ferment. Now that they’re ready, these batches are going head to head in a friendly competition to determine which captain’s batch is best.


Now here’s where CSR comes in, the company hopes to sell the entirety of this special edition product between August 20th and October 1st in order to donate $40,000 to Seattle’s Fisherman Memorial and Sea Scouts’ Propeller and Yankee Clipper educational vessel efforts. If whiskeys your drink of choice, how about takin’ a sip of these and casting your vote? Check out fremontmischief.com to find out more, and see how this competition for a good cause pans out.