SoCo — Southern Comfort, if we’re being formal. Two syllables that conjure hazy memories of dive bars, dorm rooms and surreptitious swigs from a flask.

But what is SoCo? Some kind of whiskey, right?

Nope. Southern Comfort contains no whiskey. The alcohol in it is “grain neutral spirit,” a mostly flavorless type of booze. SoCo gets its flavor from the other stuff, like fruit and spices, added in.

But SoCo was made with whiskey, back in the 1800s when it was created in New Orleans. And now, the Southern Comfort will rise again (sorry).

SoCo changed hands last year when the brand was sold to the Sazerac Company. And Sazerac is planning a return to SoCo’s roots:

“A new-and-improved Southern Comfort will hit the shelves in July, with a redesigned label and bottle. But, most important, Southern Comfort will get back the one ingredient that many people have long assumed it contained: whiskey.”

Moral of the story: Starting this summer, ordering a shot of SoCo won’t be such a bad choice. As for any other choices you make afterward, hey, those are on you.