New England, the king of foliage, is in full fall mode. If you’re familiar with the area, you know that New Englanders live for the fall. If the locals aren’t raking leaves, they’re probably apple picking or hopefully, enjoying a cider.

If you’re looking to really pack in all of the local autumn festivities, check out Far From the Tree Cider. In Salem, Massachusetts, the most magical of witches’ brews can be found. Far From the Tree has made a cider so perfectly hard and dry that you will be completely left under its spell and a bit rosy with its 6.9% alcohol content. Somehow they have made it possible for the most unexpected of ingredient combinations to work in harmony. This is no Juicy Juice juicebox. This is the real deal. A brilliant, high-end hard apple cider. So if you feel up to challenging the powers that may be, find yourself a bottle of Roots (dry New England cider), Sprig (dry hopped mint cider), or Rind (saison cider with coriander and orange rind) at any of the listed locations. If you’re feeling generous this season, it’s the perfect bottle to split over a good home cooked meal.