Women love him and, let’s face it, so do men. There’s just something about the soccer-star-turned-underwear-model that puts him on the top of everyone’s list. Now he’s letting us get a little closer by releasing his own brand of Scotch whisky.

It’s called Haig Club and with notes of butterscotch and toffee it’s just as sweet as Beckham looks when the paparazzi snap a shot of him with his kids. You know, sensitive but still manly. Like… his t-shirt might be a little dirty but it doesn’t matter because you’ll be throwing it on the floor soon enough. Ok, sorry we’re getting carried away.

Back to the drink. The bottle looks like a cologne at first glance (and second glance), but that just adds to the appeal. We can now literally drink up the thought of David Beckham. Is that a creepy way to think about it? Absolutely. But you can’t knock us for being honest.