It seems like every month we have another handful of people to thank for inventing products that make our drinking easier. This month is no different, with products perfect for everything from crib to bus stop curb.

First up are the mittens we can’t believe we didn’t invent. Never the most fashionable winter accessory, mittens can be quite the hassle. You can’t use your phone, you can’t tie your shoes, you’re basically useless. Until the invention of the Mitten Flask. Now you can keep your hands warm and your BAC at a respectable level. With a spill proof bite valve and 3 different color options, you’ll be sad to see this cold weather go.

Then we have the Chill, Baby Li’l Lager Baby Bottle. It’s designed to make your bottle-fed baby look like he or she is sucking down a cold one. It’s hilarious and up to code as far as child safety is concerned. There are more than a few haters out there who think it promotes alcoholism, but whatever. We know a good drunk baby joke when we see one.

Go ahead and throw these in your online shopping cart. You deserve them.