o-HAUNTED-BAR-facebookSince it’s finally Halloween, we felt it would be appropriate to highlight the top haunted bars from all over the world. For those of you who enjoy having your pants scared off, you’ll definitely want to read about these eerie establishments. If you get the chance (or are brave enough) to visit, then we wish you luck—you’ll need it.

1. Ye Olde Man and Scythe (Bolton, UK)
As one of the oldest pubs in UK (dating back to 1251), it’s not surprising that many have experienced ghost sightings. Last Valentine’s Day, the pub’s owner, Tony Dooley, found smashed glass on the floor. When he viewed the bar’s camera, he claimed to see a ghost of a man believed to be executed during the 17th century English Civil War. The soldier Dooley supposedly saw was thought to be Royalist James Stanley, 7th Earl of Derby, who apparently spent the last years of his life staying at the pub before his gruesome execution in the square outside the establishment.

2. Jamaica Inn (Cornwall, UK)
Featured on the popular TV show, Most Haunted in 2010, this inn’s classic ghost story is a terrifying one. Legend has it that a man once left his half-finished drink at the bar and never came back, his body never to be discovered. Now, owners of the inn claim to hear ghostly whispers around the bar as if the lost man were returning to finish his beverage.

3. The Banshee Labyrinth (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Said to be Edinburgh’s most haunted bar, The Banshee Labyrinth is located above the city’s infamous underground vaults, where criminals and other unsavory character supposedly lurk to meet their violent end. Still, the spirit of “the Banshee” is most feared, as the female ghost is a mythological omen of death. When renovating the pub a few years ago, a group of workers heard a terrifying scream. Moments later, one of the men answered his phone to receive the news that one of his family members had passed away.

4. Landmark Tavern (New York, US)
Established in 1868, this Hudson River adjacent pub is one of the oldest bars in the city. After being transformed into a speakeasy during prohibition, the tavern became a frequent stop for gangsters, particularly George Raft. According to pub-goers, Raft’s ghost often wanders around the establishment, along with other spirits.

5. The Grenadier (London, UK)
One of London’s most frightening locations, the pub is supposedly haunted by a soldier who was beaten to death inside after it was found that he was cheating at a card game. According to the owners, paranormal activity in the tavern increases significantly in September, the month on which the soldier was murdered.

6. Bobby Mackey’s Nightclub (Kentucky, US)
This 150-year-old club is believed to been built on top of land where satanic practices were routine, complete with animal and human sacrifices. The ghost of a local girl, Pearl Bryan, who in 1896 was decapitated by her boyfriend, has been known to roam near the bar along with others who have been murdered on the premises.

7. Ostrich Inn – Berkshire, UK
With a reported 60 murders committed in the institution, the most famous were those killed in the 17th century by inn keeper, Mr. Jarman, and his wife. According to legend, the two made a profit by murdering wealthy guests who checked into their hotel for the night. As the fourth oldest pub in England, it’s understandable that ghostly appearances are so common.

8. Arnaud’s (New Orleans, US)
Waiters at Arnaud’s bar and restaurant constantly claim to be startled by a gentleman dressed in a turn of the century tuxedo, smiling casually in the main dining room. The establishment claims that this man is actually the original owner, Count Arnaud, a wine salesman who bought the space in 1918.

9. Eastern Station Hotel (Ballarat, Australia)
Visitors to this hotel claim that there are at least 7 spirits that regularly spook employees and guests. Some of the ghosts include a two-year old boy who was drowned by the hotel’s previous owner, Thomas Redshaw Hunt, whose presence can also be sensed due to a strong scent of tobacco.

10. Ancient Ram Inn (Gloucestershire, UK)
Allegedly haunted by 20 or more ghosts, this small 12th century inn was built in 1145 on a pagan burial ground. Rumor has it that a murdered young girl named Rosie often appears, along with a male sex demon, or “incubus.” Those brave enough to stay the night at the hotel have not only heard shrill screams, but also witnessed furniture flying across the room.