four-seasons-maldives-kuda-huraa-coffee-992x672If you happen to come across a Four Seasons Resort from now until April 30th, you’ll have to take a pit stop at the hotel bar. Cocktail Quarterly, the yearlong initiative that focuses on new cocktail trends, recipes, and techniques, is dedicating a few months to celebrate the world’s best coffee and tea cocktails. Each Four Seasons Resort will feature a coffee or tea drink that was inspired by their respective cities. With all local ingredients and techniques, your cocktail will taste like it was made by a resident bartender in a secret hole in the wall. Let’s take a look at what’s on the menu in participating cities:

Florence: Grog in Florence

Served in a beautiful teapot and garnished with a delicious edible flower, this relaxing drink will warm you up immediately. If you are a big rum fan, you will definitely like this Italian concoction. The base is ginger-infused rum, Zacapa rum, and Amaro Nonino, so the bartender will definitely not be skimping on this one. It also has cranberry and lime juice that give it a citrusy flavor and color.

Beijing: Kopi Luwak Martini

Tea drinking actually originated in China, so the Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing will be sure to whip up something special. This cocktail is mixed with rare Indonesian coffee, which is actually made from the excretions of a small mammal found in Southeast Asia. It might sound suspicious, but they’ve been drinking it since the Tang Dynasty, so it must be good. They also add Kahlua and Malibu rum, espresso powder, and dry ice to give it an elegant, smoking element.

Scottsdale: Two Birds With One Stone

This drink is inspired by the harsh and environmentally extreme conditions of the Sonoran Desert. You can drink it cold during a hot day, or warm it up for one of those chilly nights. The bartenders pair organic chamomile tea with Dewar’s White Label scotch, and they sugarcoat it with honey and orange marmalade.

Mumbai: Madras Café

India is known as a major tea producer, but not that many people know its Southern region produces a lot of coffee. This unique and delicious drink combines South Indian coffee with curry leaf, passion purée, and pineapple juice, and it is spiked with Absolut vodka. With both a sweet and bitter component, this cocktail is one you won’t forget.