JB_singleBarrelA few months ago, Jim Beam introduced their “Single Barrel, Single Statement” contest, allowing loyal customers to submit words of wisdom (in 50 characters or less) for enjoying bourbon. Finally, Fred Noe—the company’s seventh generation distiller—has chosen the six winning statements from a compilation of 3,000 of Jim Beam’s finest fans. How were these lucky contestants chosen, you might ask? By offering a statement that is as distinctive and unique as the brand’s first ever single-barrel bourbon.

Beginning in early 2015, each winner will have their personal phrase transcribed onto labels of Jim Beam’s super-premium single barrel bourbon for distribution across the nation. Besides having their names on the bottles, all six winners will receive an authentic and customized Jim Beam single-barrel bourbon barrelhead signed by Noe himself. Additionally, the two grand prize winners will be offered a chance to attend a private bourbon tasting (with Noe in attendance) directly in their hometown.

The champion statements include:

(Two Grand Prize Winners)

  • “Toast to the past and the adventure ahead” – Joshua Stewart (Jacksonville, FL)
  • “Sometimes, it’s good to be single” – Jason Reyna (Dallas, TX)

(Four First Prize Winners)

  • “Single Barrel. Countless memories” – Robert Wyrick (Gibsonville, NC)
  • “Good bourbon is like a good friend: unforgettable” –  Bob Karlovits (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • “Life, like Single Barrel, is best savored slowly” –  Arlene Naganawa (Seattle, WA)
  • “The taste of great family tradition” – Jerry Thompson (Louisville, KY)

“Every bottle of Jim Beam Single Barrel bourbon represents individuality – not only with the distinct flavor and personality of the liquid itself, but also with its hand-written bottle labels and the distillers’ wisdom that’s printed on the back labels,” said Noe. “We were thrilled with the response from our fans to share their statements and be a part of our craft-making process.”

Talk about wise words. What do you think? Which quote wins the grand prize in your book?