The Ten Drunkest Countries

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Here at Drinking In America we take pride in our exorbitant drinking abilities, and if you’re American chances are you do too. However, thanks to recent findings by The Street, it seems that this may not be a uniquely American phenomenon. Below are the ten drunkest countries, by gallons of beer consumed per capita:


10. Bulgaria – 20.34
9. Romania – 21.08
8. Lithuania – 24.36
7. Poland – 24.75
6. Slovenia – 25.28
5. Estonia – 26.34
4. Austria – 26.58
3. Germany – 27.90
2. Ireland – 29.43
1. Czech Republic – 38.04
That’s right, at a paltry 19.97 gallons per capita; Americans don’t even crack the top ten. It seems that we could learn a thing or two from our friends across the pond. With that in mind, it’s not too late to change those vacations plans. We’ll see you in Prague.



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