sonic-wine-decanter-604ds111814What do you get when you cross a common wine decanter with ultrasonic energy? The Sonic Decanter, of course. Originating on Kickstarter, the machine claims to be able to jazz up any average bottle of wine, making it taste, smell, and even feel better in your mouth. By blasting your wine with sound waves, the ultrasonic energy changes the molecular prosperities of non-carbonated red and white wines, making your drink smooth and full of flavor.

How is this method any different from the traditional decanting technique, you might ask? The Sonic Decanter takes any oxygen out of the wine, which is actually the opposite of what happens when decanting normally. This process helps preserve a wine’s flavor for a longer period of time. For only 20 minutes to fully decant a bottle of red and 15 for white, this product is pretty picturesque, if you ask us.

Recently, the Sonic Decanter reached its $85,000 goal on Kickstarter and is closing with more than 700 investors. Even more intriguing, the company has designed an IPhone and Android application that will allow users to adjust the timing of their decanter as well as keep track of what wine they’ve consumed by scanning a bar code.