screen shot 2015-10-30 at 3.55.11 pmHow do you feel about a robot that can personalize a drink just for you—based on your Facebook data? That’s what Social Bot, the mobile robotic bartender was made to do. Created by a group of German product designers, Social Shot and their robot use Facebook to create a cocktail based on a personality profile.

After logging into the terminal and granting Social Bot access to your Facebook profile, an algorithm developed by the University of Cambridge determines a profile based on their likes. The five ingredients used in the cocktail represent the Big Five personality traits used in psychology: neuroticism, extroversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. For example, someone whose profile shows less conscientiousness will receive a less alcoholic shot, while a faithful person will receive more. Looks like even robot bartenders can be judgy!

While the site doesn’t contain specifics about the ingredients for each trait or what their plans are for Social Shot in the future, it’s a fun way to see abstract data turned into a cocktail. We can drink to that! See the Social Bot in action here.