Snake Bite drink



San Francisco start up W.G. Barr Beverage Company is taking a note from the British. Do you blame them? The Brits know how to drink and W.G. Barr is taking advantage of one of their best traditions: the Snake Bite.


This week the San Francisco based company announced the release of T.W. Pitchers’ Snake Bite. A mixture of lager and cider, the drink is a pub favorite in Great Britain. We’ve had our fair share and have to admit they’re pretty good. Not too sweet but light and refreshing.


T.W. Pitchers’ has already debuted in northern California with plans to expand throughout the state. The 5.1% drink retails for $7.99 a 4-pack. Here’s hoping that it spreads across the country soon. Cheers to the Brits for inventing this one.