Slushies are an old-school favorite from childhood, but Diageo is making a big kid version – boozy slushies to make at home. Yes, there are already some ready to drink, frozen slush pouches on the market – but Diageo realized that the traditional preparation methods were “quite tedious,” and that varying home freezer temperatures weren’t allowing for a good, consistent product.
They have filed patents in a few nations (Australia, Canada, the EU, Japan, South Korea, Russia) detailing a formulation process for alcoholic cocktails, sold in bottles at ambient temperatures and then frozen by consumers to form a ready-to-serve alcoholic slush.

One main feature is the fact that it would be pourable from the bottle. Past products have been frozen in pouches and people would often have to spoon the slush out into a cup. Diageo’s patent application says “The failure rate of such products can be as high as 40-50%, resulting in ultimate consumer rejection of such products.” Their new product will apparently make it easier to consume the alcoholic slush right away and makes the cocktail seem a little more high-end than drinking something that comes from a pouch.

We are hoping these new pourable bottles will come in full size rather than personal size. Everyone knows that you can’t just drink one alcoholic slushie. It’s the type of drink that you normally have with friends, so maybe they should also offer an XL size. It will be interesting to see if the patents work out and if the product is actually made – do you think it’s a good idea?