Mini Cocktails

It’s no secret that in America, we like to do things big. It seems like the more someone gets, the happier they are. Especially when it comes to cocktails. Almost a year ago, we noticed drinks getting smaller and it looks like the trend caught on because mini cocktails are appearing on more bar menus than ever before.


These “mini” cocktails are actually normal – well, normal for the 1940s. A cocktail that would seem like a total rip-off today was extremely common when our grandparents were knocking back a few at their local lounge. Back in the day, an average martini would have been half the size of the mammoth ones we drink today.


Having a cocktail used to be more about sipping and enjoying the flavors, rather than drinking as much as humanly possible. That’s why many bartenders are playing around with their “mini” cocktails and finding ways to make something that small appeal to your average drinker.


Unfortunately, as we mentioned, people are used to bigger drinks. Some bartenders have had to get a little more creative with the way they’re presenting these smaller libations because patrons see the tiny glass and automatically assume they’re getting a bad deal. Julie Reiner of Pegu Club makes her customers a modern-size drink, serves half of it in a small glass, and then puts the other half on ice in a tiny carafe on the side. Genius.


Other establishments, like L.A.’s Dominick’s, are all about keeping things simple. They have a collection of five mini cocktails, all classic recipes, and they are $4 each for 3 1/2 ounces. Drinking in L.A. is not known for being cheap, so having these inexpensive options may be appealing to some people.


Would you drink a tiny martini or a mini Manhattan? Or would you like to see this trend disappear?