Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 4.50.52 PMThe infamous shower beer. Whether you’re drinking in the shower to relax, to kick start your night out, or just for the hell of it- it’s difficult to finish an entire 12 oz beer before you’re done scrubbin’. Some people have conquered this feat (and it probably involved chugging and shot gunning), others are looking for a more relaxing sipping experience while showering. But they don’t want to skimp on the alcohol content of a full beer. Thus, the perfect shower beer in born.

Swedish brewery, PangPang, created “Shower Beer.” It’s a beer packaged in mini 6 oz bottles specifically brewed to be drank in the shower. It’s half the liquid but doubled the alcohol (10% ABV). This strong and sweet pale ale is brewed for quick sipping. It’s the perfect way to get your night started.

Creator Fredrick Tunedal was intrigued by this infamous drinking custom. He even researched #showerbeer to get a better understanding. Fun fact: the beer has also been formulated to double as a hair conditioner. We might be a little skeptical about this part but we’ll leave that up to you guys to judge. Originally, “Shower Beer” was supposed to be a limited edition, one time brew. But there were overwhelming reviews, so now they’re gearing up for a second batch.

Unfortunately, there is no word of if, or when, it will hit American shelves. So in the meantime, a regular beer will have to do. Happy #showerbeer-ing!