giphy-2The 88th annual Academy Awards was quite the spectacle this Sunday night. We probably saw more awkward moments, surprise wins/losses, and controversial statements than any past Oscar event. There were so many shares on social media that Facebook actually ran into some technical difficulties at one point of the night. So, how do the stars deal with all of these uncomfortable situations, along with the screaming paparazzi and 15-pound garb in 80-degree weather? Dun, dun, dun, duuuun. Alcohol! Find out which celebs were drinking what before they walked into what seemed like the never-ending ceremony.

Kate Winslet: This Oscar winner kept it simple and stuck to the bubbly for the most of the night. Apparently, the Oscars had their own exclusive champagne distributed to guests throughout the entire night. Called Piper Heidsieck, this brut champagne is surprisingly only $40. So next time you have something like an Oscar-viewing party, take this bottle out and drink like a star; it will surely impress your friends.

Roger Federer: I guess he had some nerves early on because we saw this tennis God down a shot of tequila right on the red carpet. Guillermo Rodriguez, from Jimmy Kimmel Live, joined him and poured himself a shot, too. After they made a toast to the night, Rodriguez remained completely unfazed while Federer’s eyes widened and face immediately shrunk up as if he was about to be sick all over Heidi Klum’s dress (wouldn’t be too tragic, tbh). So, take it easy there, Swiss Maestro. We don’t want you rolling around on the tennis courts later.

Charlize Theron: Even though Charlize didn’t bring home the gold this weekend, she still has another to come home to, so we think she’ll be okay. The Oscar-winning beauty apparently tried very hard to get a drink at the bar, but the bartender didn’t hear her. After a few tries, she finally got her dry martini. In a dress that red and that plunging, our guess is that he was blind.

Leonardo Dicaprio: Despite the fact that most people spotted Leo drinking a boring old glass of tonic water, we decided to dedicate a drink to this Oscar-winning stud. Leo finally won his first Oscar on Sunday night for his performance in The Revenant. In honor of the movie and the famous scene that has everyone making memes, our Leo concoction is called The (Gummy) Bear Cocktail:

-1 oz. raspberry vodka
-1 oz. peach schnapps
-3 oz. lemon-lime soda
-1 splash sour mix
-3 Gummy Bears to garnish