Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.30.30 AMDo you ever open up your GrubHub or Seamless app and wish it could deliver you a bottle of wine or alcohol with your meal regardless of the time of day or night? Europe’s new app Bevy is the first time Europe’s seen an app that is dedicated to the late-night delivery of alcoholic drinks.

Soon to be a 24/7 service, Bevy not only allows users to get their drinks delivered, but the app will be able to deliver even when the stores and bars close down for the night. Enhancing the user experience, the drivers are dressed as and referred to as “butlers” and automatically ID customers on arrival. The drivers go through a complete training program before going out on the job, meaning they are often more efficient than other delivery services.

The best part? Although the drivers are classed up, the prices of the drinks reflect standard store prices (no premium alcohol charge!). The app comes along with the decline in nightclub attendance in both Europe and the US. As more and more people are opting for smaller gatherings and nights in, alcohol delivery is growing in demand – and we’re fine with that.