If you’re looking to get spooked this Halloween while sipping on some delicious beer, it’s time to take a visit to some of the most haunted bars in America. These eerie establishments house troubled spirits that cause incidents the bars’ employees can only credit to the supernatural. So, take a visit to one of these bars, but make sure to watch out for slamming doors and flying mugs, and don’t forget to leave a nice tip, or else the resident spirits might not be too happy.

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar (New Orleans, LA)

Claimed to be the oldest running bar in America, Lafitte’s was originally a blacksmith shop that is said to have been where pirate Jean Lafitte smuggled his stolen gold. It is believed that Lafitte’s treasure is still hidden somewhere in the establishment. If you’re daring enough to look for it, you might also encounter glowing red eyes and the smell of cigar smoke that trail behind Lafitte’s ghost as he lurks around the back of the bar.

Earnestine and Hazel’s (Memphis, TN)

Located in Memphis Tennessee, this haunted former brothel will be sure to give you goose bumps. Built in the late 1800s, this brothel that was disguised as an old jazz café has spirits walking all over the place. One of the creepiest things about Earnestine and Hazel’s is their jukebox. It sometimes turns on by itself and plays songs that are related to whatever you’re talking about at the bar. One time, a couple of paranormals were talking about exorcism to the bartender, and all of the sudden “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones began to play. The lights flicker and dim, footsteps are often heard upstairs, and you can’t take a picture without capturing multiple orbs.

The Jury Room (Columbus, OH)

Boldly built on a Native American burial ground, The Jury Room has housed many tragedies that have left behind unsettled spirits. Employees experience so much paranormal activity that they now keep a logbook. A tall, shadowy man wearing a white shirt has been seen roaming around the bar and appearing behind bartenders. Objects move at their own will and women describe being attacked by invisible forces. One person even saw a pitcher of beer being poured by itself.

The Tavern (Austin, TX) 

This Austin bar used to be a secret spot to drink and gamble during Prohibition. It was also a secret brothel at night that housed patrons that still lurk the halls today. Many have reported a lady dressed in early-twentieth century garb with her daughter. They are said to be Emily, a former prostitute, and her young daughter that were killed during a fight between customers. Emily is also said to randomly change the channels on the TV, make telephone calls in the manager’s locked office, and smash dishes in the kitchen.

Kell’s Irish Pub (Seattle, WA)

Before this was a classic Seattle Irish Pub, Kell’s was actually a mortuary built to handle the flood of dead bodies produced by the plague. The darkness that this establishment housed back then still remains. Inexplicable events occur that the owners attribute to the thousands—perhaps even millions—of deaths that passed through Kell’s. Mirrors crack at random, footsteps are heard upstairs, apparitions mysteriously appear, and beer mugs and glasses strangely slide across the bar. So, visit Kell’s Irish Pub next time you’re in Seattle, and they’ll serve you some spirits along with your beer.