Century Link field

Can we have your attention, please?


Football is back.


Sorry, we had to get that out of our system. We’re even willing to forget that in our Week One fantasy football match up, we’re playing a dude that has Peyton Manning and he has already murdered our hope for a win this week. In fact, it’s almost better that we know we’re going to lose so that we can sit back tomorrow with some cold beer and enjoy our first football-filled Sunday in a long time.


That being said, as a real fan you should get to at least one NFL game every season. We’ve grown used to drinking our craft beer while tailgating and then switching to Bud Light inside the stadium, due to the cheaper price and smaller selection. However, The Daily Meal has given us hope with a newly released list of the “The Best NFL Stadiums for Craft Beer.” Apparently some stadiums actually got the memo about craft beer and they’re taking steps to make it happen.


The Daily Meal created a longer list, but we just wanted to share their top 3. We salute these stadiums that are making big strides toward giving football fans the beer they love:


3. Reliant Stadium – Houston Texans


Their football team might not be the best but the beer concession stands are filled with local favorites: Karbach Brewing Co., Shiner Bock, St. Arnold Brewing Company, and others.


2. Ford Field – Detroit Lions


They crushed Tom Brady and his Patriots in the preseason. Maybe their awesome beer selection had something to do with it? Ford Field offers up some popular Michigan brews like Bell’s Brewery, New Holland Brewing Co., Founder’s Brewing Co., Atwater, Liberty Ales, and Short’s Brewing Co.


1. CenturyLink Field – Seattle Seahawks


Even if you’re not a Seahawks fan, you need to find a way to catch a game at this stadium. CenturyLink Field has more than 30 beers, including those from smaller breweries like Elysian Brewing and Two Beers Brewing. Oh, and there’s the new Brougham Beer Hall where you can drink them all.


What’s your favorite NFL stadium to drink at?