no shave november

If you have been taking part in ‘No Shave November,’ you may be having mixed emotions about tomorrow. You’ve gone an entire month without shaving your face and are probably rocking a pretty sweet beard right now (or you’ve learned that you’re only capable of growing a patchy mess and will never do this again). It all comes to an end at the stroke of midnight when you are finally allowed to take a razor to your manly growth and avoid the caveman references. Hell, your girlfriend might even start kissing you again.


To commemorate your last day as a bearded Adonis, we wanted to pay tribute to famous bearded men throughout history and the drinks that they loved so dearly. Grab one of these drinks today to celebrate these bearded trailblazers and the amount of facial hair you’ve managed to grow in one month.


Blackbeard: Legend says that Blackbeard the pirate used to mix gunpowder into his glass of rum every night, light the drink on fire and then down it. Badass.


Ernest Hemingway: Hemingway liked many different cocktails, but it is thought that a dry martini was his favorite.


Charles Darwin: We’re not sure what his favorite drink was, but the last thing he ever drank was whiskey. A solid choice for a final drink.


Abraham Lincoln: Before he was president, Lincoln actually owned and operated several taverns.  However, he wasn’t a huge drinker and would occasionally have some Champagne to be “civil.”


Billy Gibbons: This ZZ Top guitarist is part owner of Pura Vida Tequila, and full owner of an awesome beard.


Santa Claus: No one ever talks about what Santa drinks, but we’re pretty sure that if he does, he throws back some spiked egg nog in the days leading up to Christmas.


Goodbye, No Shave November. We’ll see you next year.