electrolyte beer


Sharing a 30 rack with your best friend during the football game seems like a great idea…until the next morning when you’re almost certain that your head is going to crack open and your brain is going to explode. If you’ve done this before (and you know you have), one hangover remedy we always stand by is some kind of sports drink like Gatorade. It helps replenish electrolytes, salt and sugars that have found their way out of your body.


But what if there was a beer that was like a weird sports drink hybrid that helped prevent a hangover while you were drinking? Would this be the first stepping stone toward world peace?


Guess what…this hangover-less beer is real.


Some really smart researchers in Australia have created a beer that is significantly more hydrating by adding electrolytes. Their main goal was to protect laborers who sweat a lot during the day at work, and then come home and drink beer. When dehydrated people drink alcohol, it can mean trouble in their bodies and the scientists wanted to create a drink that allowed the workers to relax without being in danger of dehydration.


According to the researchers, this newly created beer combats hangovers by lowering alcohol content and providing a third more hydration than normal beer. It increases fluid retention, which decreases your chance of getting dehydrated and hung over. It doesn’t seem like it’s in stores yet or available for purchase, but we’ll definitely get in line when it is.