order drinks for woman

We’ve all been there: a hot girl at the bar has caught our attention, but we’re either too chicken to talk to her, or we don’t know how to penetrate the fortress of women surrounding her. How are you supposed to get a date if you can’t even let her know that you’re alive?


It’s time to take a cue from our old man and do something gentlemanly – send the girl a drink. Here are some tips for how to order a drink for a woman and (hopefully) get the girl:


Send a drink she will actually want. If she’s clearly drinking a martini and you send her a rum and Coke, she probably won’t drink it and you’re going to be out a few dollars. Watch her for a while (no creepy stares) and try to figure out what’s she drinking. If it’s not obvious, ask the bartender in a non-sketchy way.


Time the arrival of the drink correctly. Don’t be that guy that sends a drink when she already has a full one in her hand. She’s not interested in double fisting and the extra drink will probably annoy her. Wait until her glass is mostly empty and then send the drink over.


Be nice to the bartender. We hope you’ve been tipping well all night, because the bartender is your best friend when it comes to sending a girl a drink. He will tell you what she’s drinking and he’s instrumental in the delivery of the cocktail. If he thinks you suck, he’s going to let her know.


Go in for the kill. When she gets her drink and looks your way, smile (not too wide, psycho) and just give a little nod. It’s up to you to read her body language from there. If you’re lucky, she’ll come over to thank you, but we all know women want us to do the dirty work. You may have to go over there to seal the deal. Just man up and do it.


This should all be common sense. Just be a gentleman, send her a drink and play it cool. If it backfires, just order yourself another.