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We love when people do studies about how much other people drink because it makes us feel like we’re in good company. Most recently Blowfish for Hangovers, a company that sells a hangover remedy/pain reliever, had a third party research firm do some serious digging for them. The firm interviewed 5,249 Americans who drink alcohol and are over the age of 21 and they found out what they’re drinking, where they’re drinking it and which state has the worst hangovers.


Which beer do you think most Americans prefer?


We were a little surprised, but the new front runner is actually Blue Moon. Close behind was Bud Light, which was most popular in the Mid West and some Southern states. Samuel Adams took all of New England and Illinois, while Yuengling nabbed seven states, including Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee, Delaware and Alabama. Indiana and Oklahoma prefer Coors Light, California and Hawaii prefer Corona and Wisconsin stands alone in its love of Miller Lite.


And America’s favorite shot? The Lemon Drop.


The Lemon Drop is the favorite shot all along most of the Eastern side of the country, but it also has fans in the South, Mid West and Western portions as well. Following right behind the Lemon Drop is the Jersey Shore classic, the Jagerbomb (surprisingly, the Jagerbomb is not the favorite shot of New Jersey – it’s a Soco Lime). Like the Lemon Drop, the Jagerbomb has fans in every section of the country, including Alaska and Hawaii. Patron has followers in a random smattering of states, like Rhode Island and Arkansas. However, it also grabbed some of the big guys like Texas, Florida, and California. Kentucky and Kansas like the Jolly Rancher, Iowa and Wisconsin like the Cherry Bomb, Vermont is the only state that chose the Kamikaze, Iowa is the only state that chose the Fire Ball and New Mexico is the only state that chose the Irish Car Bomb.


So after all that drinking, who is the most hungover?


Though technically not a real state, Washington D.C. is our nation’s capital and also our nation’s hangover capital. It is followed by Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Missouri and Utah. If you live in Alaska, you win at life because they are the least hungover state in America.