hangover 3

The Hangover 3 hit theaters on Thursday and we just knew that we had to pay tribute to it in some way because, let’s face it – it’s the ultimate bro movie. You obviously can’t drink in the theater, so we’d recommend going to see the movie with your friends and then going home to resume the party with a few Hangover themed drinks. Disclaimer: We cannot be held responsible if you end up on the roof of Caesars Palace or pull your tooth out to impress a stripper.


Shots of Jagermeister

This is how it all began in the first movie – Jager shots to kick off a Las Vegas bachelor party. We love a good shot of Jagermeister, but we don’t recommend pulling an Alan and roofying your pals or giving awkward “wolf pack” speeches.


Easy Tiger

Instead of risking your life and stealing a tiger from Mike Tyson, why don’t you drink one instead? We’d recommend this simple drink from Absolut called the Easy Tiger:


Fill a shaker with ice cubes, add the following ingredients, shake and strain into chilled champagne glasses:


  • 10 parts Tequila
  • 8 parts Lime Juice
  • 3 parts Runny Honey
  • Grated ginger, to taste


The Hangovertini

In the Hangover 2, they filmed some scenes at a luxury hotel in Bangkok called Lebua. The mixologist at their Sky Bar was so psyched about it, that he created a “Hangovertini.” It was actually served for the first time to the film’s director and cast, and they loved it. Once it had the movie’s blessing, they started selling this concoction in their hotel bar.


They don’t provide the exact measurements, but since you’re probably not heading to Bangkok anytime soon, we recommend giving it the old college try at figuring it out yourself. What we do know? It’s made with green tea liquor, Martini Rosso, green apple juice and rosemary-infused honey.