sam-adams-harvest-collectionOn this day back in 1722, the legendary Samuel Adams was born. As an American revolutionary patriot and statesman, Adams not only helped organize the Boston Tea Party, but also contributed to the founding of our great nation. What a guy.

Adams was an influential official of Massachusetts for many reasons, but we want to focus on one detail—that Samuel Adams Boston Lager honors the name of this notorious nationalist.

As such, we want to raise a glass to the man of the moment with one of our favorite brews from the Samuel Adams harvest collection. Let’s start off with a classic…


An Americanized interpretation of the traditional German Marzen, this classic brew blends rich malts and caramel flavors to create a ruby red delicacy. Its soft, medium bodied taste will make you nostalgic for autumn, as this beer represents everything from fallen leaves to crisp morning air.

Boston Lager

Samuel Adams Brewery’s “go to beer,” this full-bodied brew is rich with flavor. A perfect balance of hops and barley, this beer has a roasted, maple colored core that is complimented with subtle notes of pine and citrus.

Harvest Pumpkin Ale

Actual pumpkin and hearty spices like ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg all contribute to this brew’s complex, robust taste. A perfect choice for any fall day, this ale is ideal for anyone craving a beverage with a spicy, deep full-bodied finish.

Harvest Saison

A twist on an original saison, this brew mixes flavors of oats, barley, rye, and wheat to create a crisp, Belgian style beer. Its gold-orange appearance is more than a symbol for the season—the contents of this brew offers a bitter, maple like taste with each easy-to-drink sip you take.


So crack open a beer and celebrate both Samuel Adams and this season’s harvest collection—America would be nothing without them.